06 October 2015

Your true nature

In recognising your true nature you live your life in alignment with your true values.

The more you align with this truth the more your true nature is allowed to surface - you remove and exclude that which does not serve and start to resonate with and become that which you seek

Just as the wheel of samsara keeps some trapped in suffering, the merry-go-round of liberation has a snowball effect as it spins you in the direction of your true nature.

01 October 2015

Finding Truth in Answers

The more eternal the silence, the greater the Truth.

The seeking mind cannot find rest, it is the un-seeking Being that resides in Truth

The answers we find in books and talks may fill a gap, but it has always been the resonance of Truth that we seek... that which may manifest outside, but resonates with the sacred within.

Reality or Illusion - What is Illusion?

An interesting change is the perceprion shift from illusion to reality. The stronger your desire for Truth, the more you are drawn to find that for which your soul yearns - that which you truly seek...

Matched step for step, as you appraoch reality it moves towards you...

In the end you see that there was only Truth all along.

Perfection is all there is.

Finding some Cape Town coffee Inspiration

So lately I have found myself delving deeper into the world of coffee and flavour - something about sitting down alone with nothing in front of you but something to drink. I find that the longer I sit, the more my mind empties and  the deeper my inspiration.

Finding the right place to sit in Cape Town city bowl is an art - especially when a real cup of coffee is required AND you feel like parking within 5km of your chosen destination ;)

With this in mind I sometimes perform self-caffienation at home. I have a grinder to get maximum flavour and freshness from unground beans. Choice of extraction method is as varied as ever:
Try drip, mokka pot or aeropress

As for beans - I recently received a gift from a friend who has started up Kamili Coffee in the City Bowl - and my bag of El Salvador is nothing short of awesome :)

Here's to wishing others success on their journeys...

14 August 2014

ADVANCED YOGA for beginners... Part 1

Advanced yoga for beginners 1 of 4

Advanced yoga for beginners is one of a set of inspirational pictures from Little Human Being. This is the first, and if you stay in touch over the next few days or weeks there will be more to follow...

We start with balance and move on to aspects like flexibility, strength and more.

While yoga is a great practice to strenghten the body and retain or regain flexibility, these are only physical aspects and many of the keys to a happy life transcend the physical... 

With this and my following posts I hope to connect the crazy Yogic art of stretching the physical body to its transcendental enlightening roots... and I invite you to join.

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