13 January 2013

Nature's Wisdom

Spending time in nature has a way of connecting, calming and balancing the soul. Men have created a world filled with needs, some of them are real while some of them are purely imaginary.

Trees, birds, flowers and bees...  all of them exist harmoniously within the web of creation. Moment to moment they watch the perfection of existence unfold within and around their world.

Spend some time with a tree or a bee and see if you can absorb into your life some of natures wisdom.


09 January 2013

Eternal Change

Change is inevitable...

We search for security in the most obscure of locations:

-  Relationships

-  Work

-  Possessions

-  Bank Balances

-  Insurance

yet everyone knows, everyone has experienced that change is the eternal constant. Rolling through creation it is change that removes the old and invites newness into your life.

Embrace Life - Embrace Change


08 January 2013

Earth - Love

Earth - Love, thats the name of this picture...

Imagine if each and every person decided to live with honesty and integrity. The day we find peace is the day that the world unites

07 January 2013

Great Sages Know

"It is common knowledge among simple children and great sages that everything in existence can be conversed with. From within himself the Great Sage visited all the earthly beings for answers." - The Little Sage and the Hole in the Whole of the World
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