30 April 2013

What is my purpose? Why am I here?

I am not quite sure what I expect to encounter in the next few days...

I have a ticket to Afrika Burns and will be heading out pre the crack of dawn. Before I embark on my Karoo-vian adventure I would like to share my latest Little Human Being image.

Your true purpose is to experience, to learn, to grow and ultimately to love

If I had to redo this pic I would change the ending from "ultimately to love" to "ultimately to become love."

how about something like this:

Your true purpose is to experience, 

to learn, to grow, to love and ultimately 

to become love



22 April 2013

Feeling Monday

I have been trying to get some more emotions into/onto my little characters - its amazing what eyeballs and a mouth can do for a lonely illustrator... :)

How are you feeling this Monday morning?

May noting but magic and beauty find you...

09 April 2013

Starlight Mystery


In the eyes of man time passes in haste.
Its flow erases memory, magic and ultimately
delivers mortality.

Not long ago each and every human body resembled
starlight more than, more accurately than 
our minds can perceive materiality.

AN anomaly that even here and now is closer to truth
than our education systems could imagine.

08 April 2013

Become the Ninja

No matter where you may find yourself,
remember you are never alone...

Find your inner strength
Find your inner warrior

Become the Ninja

04 April 2013

New Short Story Developing

I have a new idea for a short story.

Shamanic understanding of life is far more related to dimensions than experiences.

I initially thought of merging the two, but have decided I would like to tread a line where experience and the reality being experienced become blurred. The main aim is to show that what you experience and where you find yourself in life are related.

Most people do not have concepts for other dimensions beyond scientific constraints (time, length, frequency), while some extend themselves into believing in heaven and hell or cousins thereof.

What if sadness were not an emotion, but a place?
What if depression was a dead end that you could extricate yourself from?
What if happiness was a choice?

I have decided to tackle this little story backwards. Illustrate first and let the illustrations map a path for the story to follow.

Finding colours, mapping textures, look and feel. At the moment I do not even know what my character will look like so I just pasted The Little Dancer in there for now.

As I find more pics I hope to keep my blog updated.

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