01 October 2013


23 August 2013


In a world where freedom is a world that has very little meaning it is interesting to see how many people associate the word free with financial connotations.

If you are not totally and completely free then what are you?

What constrains you?

What limits you?

What holds you back?

Identify and then overcome. You were born free and it is your destiny to live totally and absolutely free.


22 August 2013


Many search in possessions for security from the instability and change in this little world of ours.

Some lay their hopes in money and investments.

Others believe that their employment will provide stability.

But there is a power beyond the fears of man, a force that transcends the limitations of the mind, a knowing that understands not the limitations of logic...


is something you find within and when you invite it into your life it has the ability to enliven and awaken not just your Self, but the entire world around you.

Trust in yourself, trust in something greater than yourself and know that anything you imagine can be.

21 August 2013


Most people do not know what they want...

Days are spent existing, and when next eyes open a lifetime of memories has drifted by.

But if you find a dream, a dream worth living for, a dream worth dying for.... surrender, and in its embrace let life carry you into those unknown places where only poets, lovers and children dare.

20 August 2013


Life is a vast spectrum of experience, most of which mankind has relegated to a small space within the limitations of the physical.

Experiences there are; waiting to expose you to the majesty of life's domain. Death and pain, ecstasy and divinity are waiting for you around every corner, but until they find you you need only believe in your divine nature - for with time it is all you shall become


19 August 2013


For some it is what they seek,

for others it is what they speak,

but sometimes, when life opens up to you,

when She deems you worthy of her embrace...

Love enters your heart and Truth is what happens to everything in and around you.

We yearn for this awakening and strangely enough it is ourselves who expend vast amounts of energy denying and avoiding the experience.

When you are ready, when you give yourself permission, it is Truth that is waiting for you.


12 August 2013

New facebook Banner

The latest facebook banner to be uploaded is going greener.

It has been a busy month here at the Little Human Being Studios. In preparation for the festive season I am designing a range of 12 inspirational fridge magnets. To add to the frenzy of activity display shelves are also being designed, built, tested ..... then redesigned, rebuilt and re-tested - loads of FUN

Thanks to Vectortuts for the tutorial showing how to create a green leafy font...

Click to visit the Little Human Being page on facebook

01 August 2013

Mug Designs for Little Human Being


I am fast learning that sublimation printing is not for the faint of heart. Simple images on a monitor can come out very differently when printed.

No worries - with time Little Human Being will have an amazing range of mugs and other goodies before Christmas.

20 June 2013


Light is everywhere...

Light shines down from our sun, 
light sparkles from stars and 
light radiates from the depths of your being

Find your light and let it shine... 


19 June 2013

Words of Worlds

In any language there are important words...

What is interesting is that often some of these are overshadowed in a society dominated by economic and political agendas.

Why not take some time to think about the truly important words in your life. The words you invest your time and energy into.

A simple word rolling off the tongue brings into your reality an entire world of concepts, energy and ultimately manifestation. Subtle at first, but time and repetition have an interesting way of sneaking up on one...

What words do you chose to invite into your world?

03 June 2013

Damn them Hippies

Part of finding and then illustrating my little characters is choosing what they should wear. Colour schemes can change a man from a rock star to a washed out old geyser, or from a chilled stoner to a confused delinquent.

Personal opinion:
Far left looks like an 80's kinda Bruce Springsteen
Center-Left does it for me ;)
Center-Right - I am not sure if real 60's hippies actually wore tie-die tops or if that is something wannabe Hippies in the 90's invented?
Far-Right looks great with his shirt out and his purple bells - Maybe darker shoes would round off the perfect attire?

Now I set out to find some hippies who were around in the 60's and shortly I shall release the new man around town!!!

31 May 2013


Special thanks to all the amazing Burners that made their way to Tankwa Town this year.

It was my first visit and is sure not to be my last...

I return filled with inspiration and energy which you will see unfolding in my little pictures over the next few months.

See YOU there next year...

28 May 2013


Sometimes I wake up in the morning and nothing makes sense...

what shoes should I wear today? why do I work my life away?

why am I here? who invented eating?

Then I remember.......

holy shit brother.... YOU"RE ALIVE

and I JUMP out of bed knowing that today is a new day

and I can do ANYTHING

micro wisdom

08 May 2013

Logo Ideas

Playing with new ideas and images for the Little Human Being logo.

30 April 2013

What is my purpose? Why am I here?

I am not quite sure what I expect to encounter in the next few days...

I have a ticket to Afrika Burns and will be heading out pre the crack of dawn. Before I embark on my Karoo-vian adventure I would like to share my latest Little Human Being image.

Your true purpose is to experience, to learn, to grow and ultimately to love

If I had to redo this pic I would change the ending from "ultimately to love" to "ultimately to become love."

how about something like this:

Your true purpose is to experience, 

to learn, to grow, to love and ultimately 

to become love



22 April 2013

Feeling Monday

I have been trying to get some more emotions into/onto my little characters - its amazing what eyeballs and a mouth can do for a lonely illustrator... :)

How are you feeling this Monday morning?

May noting but magic and beauty find you...

09 April 2013

Starlight Mystery


In the eyes of man time passes in haste.
Its flow erases memory, magic and ultimately
delivers mortality.

Not long ago each and every human body resembled
starlight more than, more accurately than 
our minds can perceive materiality.

AN anomaly that even here and now is closer to truth
than our education systems could imagine.

08 April 2013

Become the Ninja

No matter where you may find yourself,
remember you are never alone...

Find your inner strength
Find your inner warrior

Become the Ninja

04 April 2013

New Short Story Developing

I have a new idea for a short story.

Shamanic understanding of life is far more related to dimensions than experiences.

I initially thought of merging the two, but have decided I would like to tread a line where experience and the reality being experienced become blurred. The main aim is to show that what you experience and where you find yourself in life are related.

Most people do not have concepts for other dimensions beyond scientific constraints (time, length, frequency), while some extend themselves into believing in heaven and hell or cousins thereof.

What if sadness were not an emotion, but a place?
What if depression was a dead end that you could extricate yourself from?
What if happiness was a choice?

I have decided to tackle this little story backwards. Illustrate first and let the illustrations map a path for the story to follow.

Finding colours, mapping textures, look and feel. At the moment I do not even know what my character will look like so I just pasted The Little Dancer in there for now.

As I find more pics I hope to keep my blog updated.


31 March 2013

You are amazing...

Some pictures say a thousand words, but in an attempt to keep things concise let us simply emphasize the first three...



28 March 2013

Become the Light...

Become the light, become the change, become the magic that our world so desperately needs...

27 March 2013

New Little Human Being Images

 New feel, same magic... Little Human Being explores new avenues of design and colour  :)

26 March 2013

New feel, same magic

Today the Little Traveler celebrates the arrival of a new level of light and love to the Little Human Being blog.

New feel, same magic...

Look and Feel - Little Angel Image

Love is everywhere....

In the sky, 

In the air,

Everywhere :)

Look and Feel - The Little Traveler

I am trying out a new look and feel for my little human being characters. Logo font has been upgraded and less colour seems to have more emphasis.

Let me know what YOU think... :)

21 March 2013

Searching for Something...

"The answer, ever elusive, drew the Great Sage ever deeper into the world of seeking and questioning. Step by step, one horizon at a time, the Great Sage forged his way into the unknown." - The Little Sage and the Hole in the Whole of the World

The answers you seek are waiting to find you. Some lie across oceans, some wait across deserts, but when the time is right they will all reveal themselves...   WITHIN

19 March 2013

Know Thy Self

"For what we truly know is that your outer reality is only a mirror of your internal state. The more fluid your inner relationship with yourself, the more in touch, the more adaptable you can be with the reality without. Know thy self - within and without." The Little Warrior and the Battlefield of the Self


16 March 2013

Love and Dance

Ever noticed how love and dance both evoke feelings of bliss and happiness.

DANCE more...

LOVE more...

and you will LIVE more...


13 January 2013

Nature's Wisdom

Spending time in nature has a way of connecting, calming and balancing the soul. Men have created a world filled with needs, some of them are real while some of them are purely imaginary.

Trees, birds, flowers and bees...  all of them exist harmoniously within the web of creation. Moment to moment they watch the perfection of existence unfold within and around their world.

Spend some time with a tree or a bee and see if you can absorb into your life some of natures wisdom.


09 January 2013

Eternal Change

Change is inevitable...

We search for security in the most obscure of locations:

-  Relationships

-  Work

-  Possessions

-  Bank Balances

-  Insurance

yet everyone knows, everyone has experienced that change is the eternal constant. Rolling through creation it is change that removes the old and invites newness into your life.

Embrace Life - Embrace Change


08 January 2013

Earth - Love

Earth - Love, thats the name of this picture...

Imagine if each and every person decided to live with honesty and integrity. The day we find peace is the day that the world unites

07 January 2013

Great Sages Know

"It is common knowledge among simple children and great sages that everything in existence can be conversed with. From within himself the Great Sage visited all the earthly beings for answers." - The Little Sage and the Hole in the Whole of the World
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