14 August 2014

ADVANCED YOGA for beginners... Part 1

Advanced yoga for beginners 1 of 4

Advanced yoga for beginners is one of a set of inspirational pictures from Little Human Being. This is the first, and if you stay in touch over the next few days or weeks there will be more to follow...

We start with balance and move on to aspects like flexibility, strength and more.

While yoga is a great practice to strenghten the body and retain or regain flexibility, these are only physical aspects and many of the keys to a happy life transcend the physical... 

With this and my following posts I hope to connect the crazy Yogic art of stretching the physical body to its transcendental enlightening roots... and I invite you to join.

10 August 2014

When I look at you...

I see your light, I see your potential

It has been quite some time since I felt inspired to find a new little character and pen a few words...

With this post I would like to share the concept that we ALL have the ability to gift or uplift with the light of our being. It is easy to worry or drop into fear, but as human beings we have the power to elevate our thoughts and consciousness to something far more efficient. Light is productive, love uplifts and transforms...

Hold someone in your light, hold them in your love and you transcend space and time. Release any attachment to an outsome and let the superconsciousness of your Being take care of the rest.

You have, no, you are light and this light is an unfathomably powerfull gift. When you are ready to open your heart then you know you are ready to use it.

09 August 2014

23 August 2013


In a world where freedom is a world that has very little meaning it is interesting to see how many people associate the word free with financial connotations.

If you are not totally and completely free then what are you?

What constrains you?

What limits you?

What holds you back?

Identify and then overcome. You were born free and it is your destiny to live totally and absolutely free.


22 August 2013


Many search in possessions for security from the instability and change in this little world of ours.

Some lay their hopes in money and investments.

Others believe that their employment will provide stability.

But there is a power beyond the fears of man, a force that transcends the limitations of the mind, a knowing that understands not the limitations of logic...


is something you find within and when you invite it into your life it has the ability to enliven and awaken not just your Self, but the entire world around you.

Trust in yourself, trust in something greater than yourself and know that anything you imagine can be.
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