23 August 2013


In a world where freedom is a world that has very little meaning it is interesting to see how many people associate the word free with financial connotations.

If you are not totally and completely free then what are you?

What constrains you?

What limits you?

What holds you back?

Identify and then overcome. You were born free and it is your destiny to live totally and absolutely free.


22 August 2013


Many search in possessions for security from the instability and change in this little world of ours.

Some lay their hopes in money and investments.

Others believe that their employment will provide stability.

But there is a power beyond the fears of man, a force that transcends the limitations of the mind, a knowing that understands not the limitations of logic...


is something you find within and when you invite it into your life it has the ability to enliven and awaken not just your Self, but the entire world around you.

Trust in yourself, trust in something greater than yourself and know that anything you imagine can be.

21 August 2013


Most people do not know what they want...

Days are spent existing, and when next eyes open a lifetime of memories has drifted by.

But if you find a dream, a dream worth living for, a dream worth dying for.... surrender, and in its embrace let life carry you into those unknown places where only poets, lovers and children dare.

20 August 2013


Life is a vast spectrum of experience, most of which mankind has relegated to a small space within the limitations of the physical.

Experiences there are; waiting to expose you to the majesty of life's domain. Death and pain, ecstasy and divinity are waiting for you around every corner, but until they find you you need only believe in your divine nature - for with time it is all you shall become


19 August 2013


For some it is what they seek,

for others it is what they speak,

but sometimes, when life opens up to you,

when She deems you worthy of her embrace...

Love enters your heart and Truth is what happens to everything in and around you.

We yearn for this awakening and strangely enough it is ourselves who expend vast amounts of energy denying and avoiding the experience.

When you are ready, when you give yourself permission, it is Truth that is waiting for you.

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