17 December 2012

Heather Waters Band

A little pic for Heather Waters and her talented band of Kombi jumping party animals...

The Heather Waters Band has recently launched a new album and can be caught live at smaller venues across South Africa - usually when you least expect it!!!!

19 October 2012

08 October 2012

Beardy Man

Beardy Man is a fun luvin' peacefull dude...

Slightly older, slightly wiser Beardy Man recently made his way onto the pages of my laptop.

Some people wait for change,
Some people fight for change,
Some people form organizations for change,
Some people die for change,
Some people live for change,

Beardy Man has a different approach, with the love and his heart and the light in his soul our little character makes it his mission to infuse reality with peace and beauty at a level the precedes physical reality, a level that precedes physical manifestation.

Open your heart, become peace and you become the solution...

04 October 2012

Banner Madness

The New banner on the Little Human Being Facebook page is a far cry from the photographed scribblings I was uploading when this blog first started...

Thank you for the support and inspiration that kept it all alive.

Now the only question that remains is....


03 October 2012

KODA - the horny devil

I have stumbled across anew character, one to add some contradiction to all the awesomeness that Little Human Being is sharing.

Koda, the horny devil, has 3 fingers on one hand and 4 on the other - sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right?????

It has been advised that he needs a pionty tail and some little wings...


20 September 2012

14 September 2012

Embrace your innate wisdom

The Little Mystic is a little character based on the Sufi Mystics. In ancient times great leaders listened to the words of the wise.

Wisdom was revered and greatness extended beyond the columns of a balance sheet.

I am in the process of publishing this little mystic's story, but I have so many stories to complete and it seems that time can be a rather limiting constraint in this here dimension of ours... :)



Here's to having a great weekend on Planet Earth...

13 September 2012


If you do not have a dream...

A dream in your mind and a dream in your heart, then what are you living for?

31 August 2012

Free to be Free

No matter where you go or what you do life has a way of presenting one with opportunities for growth...

As we uncover and conquer our fears we become more whole.

Fear is an unnatural state of being, fear does not belong in your life.

You are a dynamic, flexible being on an endless journey through eternity:

You cannot die
You cannot fail

You can only succeed...

p.s. The picture above is from my entry for the Golden Baobab Prize - results coming soon...

27 August 2012

22 August 2012

More Stickers...

More and more Little Human Being stickers are tagging their way around the world...

15 August 2012

Little Human Being Stickers

Have a smiley day :)

The new batch of Little Human Being stickers should arrive from the printers today...

07 August 2012

Awakening Our Humanity

Only when people realise that that each and every living being

 on this little planet of ours

 is a living extension of our inner humanity,

Only then shall humanity know true peace...

We have been given enough time to realise this,
We have had ample warning,
We are now accountable for our actions.
Now is the time for our humanity to awaken and usher us
into the next phase of our evolution.

04 August 2012

Magical Genie

It is Saturday (a day dedicated to, and named after the great teacher planet of Saturn) and we thinks it is time to remember the magic in this little world of ours.

May you have a magical day...

02 August 2012

You belong on top of the world

You belong on top of the world...

Search your heart, find your dreams and make them happen.

You belong on top of the world...


31 July 2012

Mindfull Monday

Here is Cape Town, South Africa it may be 8 am on a Tuesday, but this Mindfull Monday Post goes out to any and all who currently find themselves in a time zone where they are still enjoying Monday the 30th of July...

May you meet your challenges with open arms...

26 July 2012


The Little Sage and the Hole of the World is waiting to be ordered...

Over five years ago, high in the Himalayas I found a little story. The first of many, The Little Sage is about to introduce himself to the world.

You can order your copies of The Little Sage and the Hole in the Whole of the World - HERE

Createspace Delivers around the world, and you will soon be able to order through Amazon.com as well as numerous paper retailers.


Shine it...

One of the samples I have submitted for inclusion in a local magazine. Here at the Little Human Being Studios we are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage new audiences.

Anybody know of any magazines, blogs, ezines or pages that are looking for some shining content?

23 July 2012

The Spear controversy

The Spear - Jacob Zuma

I wonder what Jacob and the rest of the South African art world will be discussing later this week when the Little Sage and the Hole in the Whole of the World is released?

While Jacob's Spear may have been vandalized, the South African President will soon have something of a literary nature to occupy his time...

Mind-Full Monday


21 July 2012

The Day of Freedom

True greatness shall descend upon mankind the day that we come to understand our true inner power.

A power based in light, a power based in love. A power that transcends any and everything we have done, made, invented, written, owned, invented, been, desired, attained.

This inner love shall transcend all man's knowing, all man made religions, all man made wisdom.

It is only this inner light that can restore balance to the world of man. If we do not find it we shall destroy this planet, we shall destroy ourselves.

Until mankind learns to value light and love above material greed and worldly power, unconscious slavery shall be the system through which we exist.

The day of freedom is waiting for each and every person. If we can unchain our minds from the shackles of material desire then humanity shall soar to a new level of existence.

The day of freedom is waiting for you...

18 July 2012

Eternal Sunshine...

The sun is always shining...

There may be clouds in the sky, there may be rain, hail or snow, but if you go beyond your perception, beyond the limits of your experience...

The sun is always shining...

16 July 2012

Mindfull Mondays

In an attempt to bring some structure to the Little Human Being Blog we are proud to introduce Mindful Mondays.

You can check in every MONDAY for a MINDFULL mind full of inspiration...

11 July 2012

Heart Mind Balance

Ten minutes of inspiration this morning delivered a whole new world of Little Human Being posts.

I have designed them to display well on facebook so they can be shared easily and efficiently. In an attempt to cut down on work I chopped up the cover from The Little Warrior and the Hole in the Whole of the World.

There are about 10 new pictures which will be released every second day. Enjoy, share, give feedback, add your own ideas :)

29 June 2012

Golden Baobab Award 2012

Here in Africa magic is happening...

Little Human Being stories are popping onto pages, popping into print.

I have recently submitted my entry for the Golden Baobab Award - see one of the little pictures above

One of the Golden conditions is that the story must be unpublished (Whole or in part), which makes me hesitant, even to share the name thereof. My submission was re-requested without images, so I have decided that it must be OK for me to share one or two of them on the blog.

No story set in Africa would be complete without:

An adventurous journey into the unknown...

Encounters with wild animals; poisonous, dangerous, hungry...

Beautiful African Sunsets...

and a magical Mopani wood box that contains........  something :)

Winners of the Golden Baobab Award will be announced in the first week of November 2012 and I will be sure to keep this site updated.

If anybody knows of other great short story competitions feel free to post a link below

28 June 2012

Vampires :(

While some vampires walk the streets, far more dangerous are the energies of fear and insecurity when they enter the heart of man.

27 June 2012

Love and Wisdom

To the mind wisdom and love are separate, to the heart they are one and the same...


25 June 2012

Little Human Being Stickers

Little Human Being bumper stickers have been spreading around Cape Town. 

Filled with smiles and happiness you may see one of them on your car's bumper - soon!!!

Chubby Luvin'

Izzy is four and a half months pregnant and I thought the occasion warranted a picture...

13 June 2012

Mountain's Summit

On top of the highest mountain in all of the land, a little boy stood waiting for the sun to rise. On top of a mountain so high that the greatest of trees dwarfed into nothingness, a mountain so high that even the eagles could not soar above its summit.

When last did you venture into a world where your fears lay waiting for you?

When last did you challenge your boundaries?

12 June 2012

New Story on its way...

There is something about an African sunset...

There is something that happens only in Africa...

I am not sure if it's in the air, maybe its in the plants, it might be carried by the animals...

I do not know what it is, but I know that it is magical.

I am busy writing and illustrating a new little story set in Africa and in this story I am trying to capture the magic of my home continent.

Watch this blog as I discover, as I uncover the story and its scenery.

02 June 2012

The Little Warrior enters Createspace

This little blog has been slightly neglected as I channel all my creative energy into publishing my little stories.

The Little Warrior and the Battlefield of the Self is getting final touches as I await delivery of the proof copies of The Little Sage and the Hole in the Whole of the World from Createspace.

At times I feel like I need the patience of a sage and the fortitude of a warrior to get these publications out into/onto the world...

01 June 2012

Make it happen...

As the moon waxes and wanes its way across the night sky do you notice?

As you manifest your hopes, dreams and aspirations into your life, do you notice how amazing you are?

Anything you can imagine can be brought into this little world of ours...

31 May 2012

My Princess


I am not sure how I managed to get my blonde princess to look so scruffy?

It may have to do with the ooodles of light pouring from her head, heart and palms.

29 May 2012

You Rock Star

Some say a picture says a thousand words, but this pic only has five...

24 May 2012

Createspace Cover image for Indie Publishing

Createspace requires a complete PDF image for the back and front cover of your book. This image takes into account bleed all round as well as spine thickness calculated by counting your book's pages and getting an idea of thickness.

With all these criteria met I have created the print cover for The Little Sage and the Hole in the Whole of the World.

If all goes well with the Createspace "meatgrinder" today then this may be the day I can turn my attention to another title....  maybe

23 May 2012

The Little Traveler

The Little Traveler is still searching for something...

She does not know what it is, but when she finds it she will know


22 May 2012

The Happy Mystic

It has been a busy month, but on the side I managed to find some inspiration in the form of a little sufi who later became The Little Mystic. Not too far from complete, most of this little being's story was found last week as I spent my evenings recovering on my futon.

For those who's love can only be fulfilled by the divine there is a destiny beyond destiny that awaits.

While some are satisfied, even if it is transiently, by the allures of the physical, there are those who are called to a place that resonates beyond the horizon.

The Little Mystic with his yearning heart and dreams of divinity is just waiting to share his story with  YOU...

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