29 June 2012

Golden Baobab Award 2012

Here in Africa magic is happening...

Little Human Being stories are popping onto pages, popping into print.

I have recently submitted my entry for the Golden Baobab Award - see one of the little pictures above

One of the Golden conditions is that the story must be unpublished (Whole or in part), which makes me hesitant, even to share the name thereof. My submission was re-requested without images, so I have decided that it must be OK for me to share one or two of them on the blog.

No story set in Africa would be complete without:

An adventurous journey into the unknown...

Encounters with wild animals; poisonous, dangerous, hungry...

Beautiful African Sunsets...

and a magical Mopani wood box that contains........  something :)

Winners of the Golden Baobab Award will be announced in the first week of November 2012 and I will be sure to keep this site updated.

If anybody knows of other great short story competitions feel free to post a link below


  1. This is awesome! This so deserves to win this award. The stories are so simple yet with such depth and meaning, although the artwork is what really makes the package complete. Wishing you good fortune and i hope your work resonates with the judges. Much love! joanna

  2. brilliant! best of luck; LHB deserves this.


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