29 October 2011


21 October 2011

Being light and love

Every day the sun sets over the place where you find yourself on this little planet of ours.

Night comes and brings with it the experience of darkness.

As this darkness settles over your outer world, take time to notice that the light inside of yourself cannot be touched by external forces. External changes can never truly influence you.

You are a being filled with light and love and nothing can change this...

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19 October 2011

You are a superhero!!!!

Simply because you do not don spandex and a mask does not mean that you are not a super hero.

What do you stand for?
Where lie your moral and ethical boundaries?
What or who will you defend?
What or who will you support?

Each and every little human being on this planet has a voice, a choice.

United we can and will take this planet to a place where peace and harmony are not simply concepts, but rather they shall become manifest within each and every human. As this manifests within the hearts of man, it shall overflow into the outer realms of the physical, bringing balance to our planet and all life thereon.

We are, each and every one of us, a little superhero in our own right.

This change is coming, it is simply a matter of when...

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Picture of His Holiness the Dalia Lama - Ocean of Wisdom

I am dedicating this week to researching the world of agents and publishing. While listening to podcasts and watching YouTube I managed to draw a picture of HHDL - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

I always though that his name meant "Ocean of Wisdom", but it seems there are various interpretations, with Ocean being a major player.

Further Googling has revealed that the Dalai Lama is the manifestation or incarnation of compassion.

At over 75 years of age the 14th Dalai Lama has seen some interesting changes on this planet of ours and I wonder what this special little human being will be doing over the coming years...

15 October 2011

Love all Monsters

It seems the world is becoming a rather strange place to inhabit...
Take a look around and you may notice that fear is being propagated everywhere.

Fear of aging...
Fear of war...

Financial insecurity...
Political uncertainty...

Fear of inadequacy...
Fear of expression...

Some countries and media machines have even upgraded the insecurity they would like their citizens to experience from fear to TERROR... why do this?

Have you ever been exposed to Terrorism, or is it something that only exists on television in your reality?

The great beings who have graced our little planet have always carried a message of peace, love unity and respect.

Jesus taught love,
Buddha taught compassion,
Gandhi taught non-violence,
His Holiness the Dalai Lama teaches acceptance,
Nelson Mandela is a living example of forgiveness...

Do you follow a path filled with monsters, problems, fear and terror or do walk a path that leads to a higher vibration of existence?

As it has always been and shall forever be...

The choice is yours...

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14 October 2011

You are a being of light and love

No matter what you think, 
No matter what you do,
No matter what you have been through,

You are not your body...

You are a being of light and love...

At this moment in time the chances are quite good that you find yourself incarnated into the physical, but let it be known that your true essence resonates from a place way beyond the reaches of the mind, intellect and logic.

No matter where you have been,
No matter where you are about to go,

You are a being composed exquisitely and entirely of light and love.


13 October 2011

A New World

It is a new day in a new world and magic is everywhere...

Forget the past, 
let go of your fears, 
detach from worry

for none of these have nor shall they ever serve humanity.


embrace your freedom,
celebrate your life,
and let your amazingness flow into the world...

It is a new day in a new world and magic is everywhere :)

micro wisdom

10 October 2011

A world of uncertainty

We find ourselves existing in the midst of a world of uncertainty. As change and newness unfold throughout our reality there is one constant that is waiting for you...


Within your Self you can uncover the magic and mystery that you seek.

Find your center, uncover your heart...
Find your truth and stand by as your destiny unfolds...

04 October 2011

BIG Questions???

When is it time to question your reality?

Why am i here?
What do i want?
What am i doing?
Am i truly fulfilled?

Could there be more?
Could i do with less?

Could i do better?
Do i need to?

Does the environment need me?
Do i need the environment?

It is not necessarily the quantity of answers received, but rather the quality of questions asked...

What questions have you been asking?


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