19 October 2011

You are a superhero!!!!

Simply because you do not don spandex and a mask does not mean that you are not a super hero.

What do you stand for?
Where lie your moral and ethical boundaries?
What or who will you defend?
What or who will you support?

Each and every little human being on this planet has a voice, a choice.

United we can and will take this planet to a place where peace and harmony are not simply concepts, but rather they shall become manifest within each and every human. As this manifests within the hearts of man, it shall overflow into the outer realms of the physical, bringing balance to our planet and all life thereon.

We are, each and every one of us, a little superhero in our own right.

This change is coming, it is simply a matter of when...

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  1. Amen to that brother, Amen! it's what I like to hear...

  2. Supported!!!

    BigHugZ from Writer's Affirmation, great blog.

    p.S. Also I luv your pics, they are abS fabulous.

  3. Thanks for the feedback and Facebook support.... :)


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