10 October 2011

A world of uncertainty

We find ourselves existing in the midst of a world of uncertainty. As change and newness unfold throughout our reality there is one constant that is waiting for you...


Within your Self you can uncover the magic and mystery that you seek.

Find your center, uncover your heart...
Find your truth and stand by as your destiny unfolds...


  1. There was a time when I find that so hard to believe...but I see now you are right.

  2. Turmoil and upheaval are flooding across our little planet. No matter where or who you are there will be elements of change, newness and uncertainty entering your reality.

    What is interesting is that that your inner reality is and always has been the source of unconditional love, Truth, strength, integrity, awesomeness, courage... all the attributes needed to carry one through the accelerated evolution that our world is experiencing.

    These are exciting times :)

  3. I think much of the world's problems would be solved if people just came to realise how absolutely amazing they were, and by default, other people as well. And along with that they would remember their core, LOVE, and that they are always safe and forever timeless...


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