22 May 2012

The Happy Mystic

It has been a busy month, but on the side I managed to find some inspiration in the form of a little sufi who later became The Little Mystic. Not too far from complete, most of this little being's story was found last week as I spent my evenings recovering on my futon.

For those who's love can only be fulfilled by the divine there is a destiny beyond destiny that awaits.

While some are satisfied, even if it is transiently, by the allures of the physical, there are those who are called to a place that resonates beyond the horizon.

The Little Mystic with his yearning heart and dreams of divinity is just waiting to share his story with  YOU...


  1. Great artworks! You've got unique styles! Keep it up Reine!

  2. Thanks man...

    Still not sure exactly where my BIG headed little friends are going to take me?


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