21 July 2012

The Day of Freedom

True greatness shall descend upon mankind the day that we come to understand our true inner power.

A power based in light, a power based in love. A power that transcends any and everything we have done, made, invented, written, owned, invented, been, desired, attained.

This inner love shall transcend all man's knowing, all man made religions, all man made wisdom.

It is only this inner light that can restore balance to the world of man. If we do not find it we shall destroy this planet, we shall destroy ourselves.

Until mankind learns to value light and love above material greed and worldly power, unconscious slavery shall be the system through which we exist.

The day of freedom is waiting for each and every person. If we can unchain our minds from the shackles of material desire then humanity shall soar to a new level of existence.

The day of freedom is waiting for you...


  1. You know, I have seen this before, maybe in some other words but the message it's the same, about that power and that light. It shall be true but at times it gets really tough to find it.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm, this was a piece that I typed up about 5 months ago and decided NOT to post. I placed it on hold by setting a date way into the future...

    Most surprised I am I find it on the blog :)

  3. good posting about The Day of Freedom


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