01 October 2015

Finding some Cape Town coffee Inspiration

So lately I have found myself delving deeper into the world of coffee and flavour - something about sitting down alone with nothing in front of you but something to drink. I find that the longer I sit, the more my mind empties and  the deeper my inspiration.

Finding the right place to sit in Cape Town city bowl is an art - especially when a real cup of coffee is required AND you feel like parking within 5km of your chosen destination ;)

With this in mind I sometimes perform self-caffienation at home. I have a grinder to get maximum flavour and freshness from unground beans. Choice of extraction method is as varied as ever:
Try drip, mokka pot or aeropress

As for beans - I recently received a gift from a friend who has started up Kamili Coffee in the City Bowl - and my bag of El Salvador is nothing short of awesome :)

Here's to wishing others success on their journeys...

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