20 June 2013


Light is everywhere...

Light shines down from our sun, 
light sparkles from stars and 
light radiates from the depths of your being

Find your light and let it shine... 


19 June 2013

Words of Worlds

In any language there are important words...

What is interesting is that often some of these are overshadowed in a society dominated by economic and political agendas.

Why not take some time to think about the truly important words in your life. The words you invest your time and energy into.

A simple word rolling off the tongue brings into your reality an entire world of concepts, energy and ultimately manifestation. Subtle at first, but time and repetition have an interesting way of sneaking up on one...

What words do you chose to invite into your world?

03 June 2013

Damn them Hippies

Part of finding and then illustrating my little characters is choosing what they should wear. Colour schemes can change a man from a rock star to a washed out old geyser, or from a chilled stoner to a confused delinquent.

Personal opinion:
Far left looks like an 80's kinda Bruce Springsteen
Center-Left does it for me ;)
Center-Right - I am not sure if real 60's hippies actually wore tie-die tops or if that is something wannabe Hippies in the 90's invented?
Far-Right looks great with his shirt out and his purple bells - Maybe darker shoes would round off the perfect attire?

Now I set out to find some hippies who were around in the 60's and shortly I shall release the new man around town!!!
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