07 June 2011

Quotes from the Blog – May

The biggest development for May was the launch of the NEW Little Human Being.com site. 
While this here blog is the developing ground for new material, littlehumanbeing.com is where posts and short stories are upgraded and polished, more, new or better pictures are added and then the super little post is uploaded – check it out
With all the work on the site and new pictures BLOG posts were quite scarce, but we did manage to get some material out there.

Quotes from the Blog – May
“the truth is always far more amazing than the limited perceptions of the mind.” – Magic is Everywhere – Seasons
“Moms are angels without wings” – Moms are amazing
“I turn …, waiting for inspiration to lift, to carry me to my next destination.” – Sometimes
“each and every one of us is united by the fact that we are all little human beings.” – We are all One
“No matter where you find yourself on this little planet of ours remember that you are not alone” - No Worries
“Life, at its core is a constant. A constant flow of light, balance and harmony.” – No Worries
“Your body is made from matter that was forged by a star...” – Little Tuesday Q&A – What are our bodies made of?
“As long as we have a planet each and every little human being will also be an earthling.  
Follow your heart and do what you know to be true.” – The Little Nearthlings Story


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