10 September 2011

The Adventures of a Starwalker

Little Michelle and the Starwalker is a short story I wrote for a very special being. It is a story about love, courage, service and friendship.

At its core it carries a message about soul contracts, those agreements we make with one another before we incarnate. Choices made so we may learn and grow with our true friends around us.

Close to my heart, this story has been delivered to its intended recipient and as I sit here I am not sure if I will ever release this to the public. While some steps of our journey have been tough and there are still more to be walked, there is a light from this story that can be unveiled -  I have tried to capture this in the little picture above.

Light and love, pain and suffering, laughter and tears all rolled into an experience that only 2 beings on this planet will ever truly understand.


  1. Even though it is intended for other people. I think that people that are not in the "know" might learn something from it. I am very interested to read the story :)

  2. I have approached someone who can convert my illustrated and animated stories into android and iphone apps, also looking at amazon as a platform...

    watch this space :)


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