30 March 2012

Delayed Delays

Let me intro or reintroduce The Little Sage...

As you can see he has a worried look on his face despite the beauty of the day.

The Little Sage is worried because Reine aka. me is taking so so long to get his little story published. The sun always sets at the end of the day, maybe it is time for The Little Sage to enjoy a beautiful sunset over his story.

I have been wrestling with Lulu, I have tackled Bookbaby and now it is time to get this party started.


  1. Good luck with your book. I enjoyed the Smashwords experience, once I'd got my head around their formatting!

  2. I hear you - it's the getting your head around part that I am busy with.

    Another aspect of the publishing process is the ABOUT...

    About: Reine Ackermann

    About: The Little Sage

    and finally we get to genre... I have spent 3 days actively looking at genres and sub-genres and have yet to find one that fits - even slightly :(

    But, no mountain shall be left unturned, no stone unconquered... The Little Sage shall be published.

  3. ugh! All that to get published! Letting go of my dream to be published right now... Just kidding.


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