26 April 2012

Red Sofa Cafe

Just down the road I encountered the Red Sofa Cafe with its interesting mix of locals and great coffee.

I have yet to actually sit on the red sofa, but I did find an interesting "post" on the wall...

Have less

Do More

Be More

In keeping with this this months ever growing trend I have a totally unrelated picture to go with this post. May you find your inner ninja!!!!


  1. Gotta love the way our Bangalorian visitor has decided that this is the place to advertise his welding and gas hose...

    May your sales rocket thanks to this comment of yours :)

  2. I purchased a furniture set from Ohana Depot, and while I am thrilled with the looks, everything is VERY lightweight. I live in Reno, NV where it can get very windy. Anything stronger than a breeze will blow your cushions off and anything stronger than that will move the furniture around. I have had my furniture for only a couple of months and several times already, I have had to retrieve my furniture from different areas in my backyard. Even the big sofa (3 pieces clipped together) gets tossed around fairly easily. My coffee table tipped over in some wind, causing the glass table top to shatter. Now, Ohana Depot is charging me $50 to replace it.

  3. Second concern was the price range, I didn't want to purchase something that cost over 1,000 and it fall apart with in a year or two. I wanted small sofa to last and not make me feel as if I wasted my money. I live on my own in new york and I attend school so spa

    Here are the website - http://hehis.blogspot.com/2013/04/small-sofa.html


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