31 May 2012

My Princess


I am not sure how I managed to get my blonde princess to look so scruffy?

It may have to do with the ooodles of light pouring from her head, heart and palms.

29 May 2012

You Rock Star

Some say a picture says a thousand words, but this pic only has five...

24 May 2012

Createspace Cover image for Indie Publishing

Createspace requires a complete PDF image for the back and front cover of your book. This image takes into account bleed all round as well as spine thickness calculated by counting your book's pages and getting an idea of thickness.

With all these criteria met I have created the print cover for The Little Sage and the Hole in the Whole of the World.

If all goes well with the Createspace "meatgrinder" today then this may be the day I can turn my attention to another title....  maybe

23 May 2012

The Little Traveler

The Little Traveler is still searching for something...

She does not know what it is, but when she finds it she will know


22 May 2012

The Happy Mystic

It has been a busy month, but on the side I managed to find some inspiration in the form of a little sufi who later became The Little Mystic. Not too far from complete, most of this little being's story was found last week as I spent my evenings recovering on my futon.

For those who's love can only be fulfilled by the divine there is a destiny beyond destiny that awaits.

While some are satisfied, even if it is transiently, by the allures of the physical, there are those who are called to a place that resonates beyond the horizon.

The Little Mystic with his yearning heart and dreams of divinity is just waiting to share his story with  YOU...

Don't worry be happy

Don't worry be Happy

07 May 2012

Newly Released eBook - The Little Sage and the Hole in the Whole of the World

“A great sage, white bearded with wisdom, lived in a land far far and away. He sat alone in his mountain cave, snow-laden peaks above and deep rivered valleys below. Life had been good, but something was changing, something had changed.”

At a time when our world is accelerating into newness the future of humanity and planet earth seem to hang in the balance. Far removed from this chaos a wise old sage can see that something is amiss, and he is not going to rest until he has found the source of the hole in the whole of the world.

The Little Sage and the Hole in the Whole of the World is inspired, honest, heartfelt and carefully realized.

Illustrated in true Little Human Being style, The Little Sage and the Hole in the Whole of the World echoes the inspiration and wisdom many have come to enjoy.

In this book Reine Ackermann also shares his personal story giving the reader an insight into the space from which The Little Sage was written.

This beautifully illustrated short story is a modern day fable, its wisdom will be recognised by any age group and its message enjoyed by all.

Word count approximately 3000 with 17 full colour digital illustrations - This version is suitable for viewing with a colour eReader.

You can check out a preview at SMASHWORDS

You can also download a sample of the book  - I think it is about a third of it for free - that way you get a feel for the content, writing style and some of the pics.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon...

 While The Little Sage and the Hole in he Whole of the World has just been released I am proud to announce that there is more on the way...

YaY - Whoop Whoop :)

03 May 2012



Think not of compassion as an emotion, see it rather as a duty.
Take time every day to feel and flex your new found friend.
Always remember that compassion and pity nest in the same tree.
One is the ally of the ego and the other will set you free.

01 May 2012

Universal Unity

The entire universe is contained within a single raindrop. 
All the space of creation is mirrored, all the laws of the universe are held within each and every little drop of water.
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