29 June 2012

Golden Baobab Award 2012

Here in Africa magic is happening...

Little Human Being stories are popping onto pages, popping into print.

I have recently submitted my entry for the Golden Baobab Award - see one of the little pictures above

One of the Golden conditions is that the story must be unpublished (Whole or in part), which makes me hesitant, even to share the name thereof. My submission was re-requested without images, so I have decided that it must be OK for me to share one or two of them on the blog.

No story set in Africa would be complete without:

An adventurous journey into the unknown...

Encounters with wild animals; poisonous, dangerous, hungry...

Beautiful African Sunsets...

and a magical Mopani wood box that contains........  something :)

Winners of the Golden Baobab Award will be announced in the first week of November 2012 and I will be sure to keep this site updated.

If anybody knows of other great short story competitions feel free to post a link below

28 June 2012

Vampires :(

While some vampires walk the streets, far more dangerous are the energies of fear and insecurity when they enter the heart of man.

27 June 2012

Love and Wisdom

To the mind wisdom and love are separate, to the heart they are one and the same...


25 June 2012

Little Human Being Stickers

Little Human Being bumper stickers have been spreading around Cape Town. 

Filled with smiles and happiness you may see one of them on your car's bumper - soon!!!

Chubby Luvin'

Izzy is four and a half months pregnant and I thought the occasion warranted a picture...

13 June 2012

Mountain's Summit

On top of the highest mountain in all of the land, a little boy stood waiting for the sun to rise. On top of a mountain so high that the greatest of trees dwarfed into nothingness, a mountain so high that even the eagles could not soar above its summit.

When last did you venture into a world where your fears lay waiting for you?

When last did you challenge your boundaries?

12 June 2012

New Story on its way...

There is something about an African sunset...

There is something that happens only in Africa...

I am not sure if it's in the air, maybe its in the plants, it might be carried by the animals...

I do not know what it is, but I know that it is magical.

I am busy writing and illustrating a new little story set in Africa and in this story I am trying to capture the magic of my home continent.

Watch this blog as I discover, as I uncover the story and its scenery.

02 June 2012

The Little Warrior enters Createspace

This little blog has been slightly neglected as I channel all my creative energy into publishing my little stories.

The Little Warrior and the Battlefield of the Self is getting final touches as I await delivery of the proof copies of The Little Sage and the Hole in the Whole of the World from Createspace.

At times I feel like I need the patience of a sage and the fortitude of a warrior to get these publications out into/onto the world...

01 June 2012

Make it happen...

As the moon waxes and wanes its way across the night sky do you notice?

As you manifest your hopes, dreams and aspirations into your life, do you notice how amazing you are?

Anything you can imagine can be brought into this little world of ours...
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