22 November 2011

CRABS ?????

Human beings are like crabs...

Some go through life hiding in their shells, while others dance and play, reveling in life.

Some crabs stick to the waters they know, while others venture between the worlds of aqua and air.

Some crabs are dull and colourless, while others are bright and colourfull.

Life is a choice and you only truely see the impact of your choices when they become distant memories.

What kind of crab have you decided to be?



  1. We are the results of our choices, wheter they are good or bad.

  2. I enjoy how you embrace the common circumstances of life- casual yet profound. And the cute pictures make it all the more fun (=. Great site you have here, enlightens the heart.

  3. People never fully realise how much of who they are at any given moment is left to their own devices...

  4. Even more interesting is how as individuals human beings are relatively conscious, but as a whole our actions are nothing short of insane.

    Individual employees know right from wrong, but corporations will do ANYTHING for profit...

    Most human beings do not kill, but many nations send their children to war.

    What causes this disparity between belief and action?


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