29 December 2011

Alone, Scared and Unsure.

Emotional pain is a gift that human beings have somehow forgotten to accept. At some time in the past you have felt alone, at some time in the future you will feel unsure. Fear is one of your many allies.

Your meandering path will walk both the high and low roads. The art lies not in denying one or the other, but rather, liberation lies in acceptance.

Find the Truth, 

Find your Truth,

and set yourself FREE...


  1. Inspiring... Thanks for this post! Happy Christmas and have a blissful new year. :)

  2. Hmm I am working on it, I want nothing but that, truth and be able to manage my fears.

  3. yep.. these are the emotions that make us Human beings... Without them we would had never experienced Love...


  4. Really liked the post. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take Care.

  5. It is amazing that no matter how hard we try to insulate ourselves from life's knocks it seems like times of learning always manage to manifest :)

  6. This is a great post. Not many people realise that both the profane and the profound have an equal part to play in our growth and evolution. With acceptance comes inner peace and with inner peace comes liberation and with liberation comes the ability to transcend.


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