16 December 2011

The Crazy Chick

Yesterday's post from THE 7 TRUE PERSONALITIES was the Party Animal, but since it is Friday and the weekend is rolling in, it is only fair that we introduce you to The CRAZY CHICK.

The crazy chick and party animal are often confused, but the crazy chick is way wilder, out of control and knows no limits.

Best entertained in small doses, the crazy chick ensures that there is never a dull moment and is usually responsible for and involved in many of your fondest and scary-est memories.

Over time friends come and go, but you will never forget THE CRAZY ONES!!!

Find your inner crazy chick and set her free


  1. Lovely illustration! Loved it:)


  2. I tried to get that crazy-ness in her eyes... :)

  3. and you succeeded in doing it so well, you are also right friends do come and go BUT you never forget the crazy ones


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