20 February 2012

Angel of Sadness

Sometimes I look at the world and feel sad...

Sometimes I wonder if angels look at our world and feel sadness too...


  1. That is a very smart question...

  2. We are given a choice to be sad or be happy. To be happy, we have to change the perspective we are looking at. Our world is not perfect. It is up to us to make the most out of it.

    Cute blog!:)

  3. To see perfection is a rose bud is easy. It is an interesting exercise - taking time to see the "perfection" in things like war or famine. The perspectives of the mind and heart differ so from one another and to weave their threads into one cloth is quite a process.

    Maybe the answer lies in practice?

  4. Aww, me too. :( It's a sad world, sometimes.


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