28 February 2012

February in Review on Little Human Being

Feb 2012 was my month for editing and illustrating. I have had to learn about things like colour palettes, story boards and have entered into an intimate relationship with the term and act of... editing  :) 

I have decided to release 3 little stories in the next month or so. While 2 of them are 99% complete, it is the third that needs some TLC. With very little knowledge of copyright and all the red tape that surrounds the art of creative writing, I have decided to keep everything as cloaked as possible until I publish.

While I love the idea of having a snappy agent, I would rather pour my energy into my work than into searching the planet for that missing person. Sort of going with the "when the student is ready, the agent and publisher shall appear" mentality.

Usually at the end of the month I do a post with at least one quote from each of the months posts, but this month I must admit that the Little Human Being Blog is rather empty when it comes to written content. Despite this lack I am pleased to share some of my illustrations from February's posts: 


angels are everywhere and maybe if you cannot see them you should try closing your eyes...


  1. I so love your drawings, they are awesome!

  2. what a great post :)
    It's just lovely!

  3. that's so talented of you - writing your own stories! nice illustrations as well! ^_^

    P.S. Please hop over our blog and hopefully we can follow each other... ϡ


    Thank you! ϡ


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