28 February 2012

February in Review on Little Human Being

Feb 2012 was my month for editing and illustrating. I have had to learn about things like colour palettes, story boards and have entered into an intimate relationship with the term and act of... editing  :) 

I have decided to release 3 little stories in the next month or so. While 2 of them are 99% complete, it is the third that needs some TLC. With very little knowledge of copyright and all the red tape that surrounds the art of creative writing, I have decided to keep everything as cloaked as possible until I publish.

While I love the idea of having a snappy agent, I would rather pour my energy into my work than into searching the planet for that missing person. Sort of going with the "when the student is ready, the agent and publisher shall appear" mentality.

Usually at the end of the month I do a post with at least one quote from each of the months posts, but this month I must admit that the Little Human Being Blog is rather empty when it comes to written content. Despite this lack I am pleased to share some of my illustrations from February's posts: 


angels are everywhere and maybe if you cannot see them you should try closing your eyes...

27 February 2012

Light Eternal

I watch people as they search for security in power and possessions. I find it is interesting that despite all our technological intelligence, our modernization and economic success, so many dedicate their time to that which shall never fulfill. Inside, each and every being knows their path.

Friends, family, laughter, tears, meditation, prayer, joy...

Light and love can be cultivated, propagated, integrated, assimilated, and over time, forged, not as concepts, but as a living energy into your life. This becomes a light that you carry. None can see it, but all perceive it...

Eternal light forged into your soul...

25 February 2012

Smile at me

One of your greatest gifts is:


use it...



24 February 2012

Have a great weekend

What a journey...

I have spent the last 2 weeks in a little cottage a stones throw from the ocean. My main aim has been to illustrate at least one of my short stories. A master of procrastination I must say that this has been an exceeding difficult task.

On Monday I return to the farm and hopefully will have something to show to a few agents and publishes. Five years in the making, the first of many many little stories is about to make its way into the world.

WHoop WHoop

Have a great weekend,

20 February 2012

Angel of Sadness

Sometimes I look at the world and feel sad...

Sometimes I wonder if angels look at our world and feel sadness too...

17 February 2012

Angelic Earth

There is something very special about our little blue planet. Something that goes beyond scientific understanding or logical reasoning. This something is so amazing that even words cannot truly sound its depths.

Maybe one day when we have become angels we will be able to look back and value the gift that we are living right here and now.

14 February 2012

Love is everywhere - Happy Valentines Day

I am not sure what is happening on the other side of the planet, but here on the Southern tip of Africa it is Valentines Day!!!!

Whoop whoop YAY

and this little picture was drawn just for YOU...

p.s. If Valentines Day falls on some soon to arrive distant date in your country, simply bookmark this page and head back on YOUR special day.

11 February 2012

The Lizard Picture

A little lizard - a background character, in one image, in the story I am busy editing and illustrating - The Little Sage and the...

His sole purpose (The Lizard's) is to watch the Little Sage as he searches for answers to those questions that stir his soul (The Little Sage's)

10 February 2012

May harmony find you

My Dad loves to share a little piece of wisdom I am sure he found on the pages of a book: "When you pray you talk to God, when you meditate God speaks to you."

No matter where you may find yourself on this little planet of ours today, it is my wish that balance and harmony find and walk with you.

06 February 2012

Pegaus the Unicorn

In keeping with the magic and mystery of February, I would like to present you with a flying pink unicorn.

The real (White) Pegasus was a fantastical, mythological flying horse in Greek Mythology. Sired by Poseidon, Pegasus in later years was related to the source of poet's inspiration and spiritual energy.

My white Pegasus looked more like a flying donkey - a fantastic creature most noted for its absence from any remembered form of mythology. Luckily a touch of pink and my little pony found itself more mythologically acceptable.

05 February 2012

Roustell E-Mag

The third of my commissioned works, this little pic was done for Roustell E-Mag. This is a Greek blog - literally, but Stella, who I met on BLOGGERS does speak English.

If you feel like practicing your Greek you can visit the site HERE...

01 February 2012

Angels are Everywhere

Misconceptions abound when mankind approaches the world between worlds. The metaphysical, ever present, yet seldom seen is  a world hidden from the eyes.

With this in mind I have drawn a little picture of an angel to remind YOU that angels are everywhere and maybe if you cannot see them you should try closing your eyes...

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