30 May 2011

The Little Nearthlings Story

Not so long ago, lost in a little solar system not so far away there traveled a few Little Green Monsters.

For thousands of years these Little Green Monsters had been traversing the universe in search of a home and it was on this auspicious day that they encountered a beautiful little planet which they decided to name Nearth - Like Earths with a N in front – Nearth. Having found a home called Nearth the Little Green Monsters became Nearthlings.

The Nearthlings set about exploring and getting to know the local inhabitants. They met the birds, they introduced themselves to the animals and they got to know all the plants.

After thousands of years cramped up in a little space ship, planet Nearth was heaven.
There was more food than they could ever dream of eating. Fruit, nuts, berries and more... there was even a chocolate tree which produced superfine dark chocolate and it grew best when companion planed with a variety of espresso bush which produced great cappuccinos.
Life was good...
But, as was the nature of Nearthlings they soon found themselves restless and dissatisfied with sitting around enjoying an easy life. Something had to change.

First the Nearthlings started eating the other inhabitants and animals on the planet. As you can imagine those being eaten did not really like this and one by one they left the little planet of Nearth and it was not long before the Nearthlings were all alone with no friends to keep them company.

With the entire planet to themselves the Nearthlings became bored, so they decided to invent a game. They called it MINE. MINE required a very distinct mindset and for participants it was mandatory to play the game no mater what the consequence to their integrity.
MINE was a big hit. All of the Nearthlings started playing the game. It was great. Once you had built up enough MINE points you could trade your MINE's for things. You could trade anything you found on Nearth and do what you wanted with it. You could chop down a few thousand trees and trade them for a hat or some other highly MINE'd item.

Soon everybody had a desirable piece of clothing and a part of Nearth to call MINE.

Life was good...

But, as was the nature of Nearthlings they soon found themselves bored once again. Something had to change.

The game was upgraded and MINE became MORE. MORE was much better. Advanced analytic solutions were implemented to keep track of which Nearthlings were doing best in the game. The game expanded and its greatness spread like a wild fire across the little planet of Nearth.

Life was good...
It was the nature of MORE that it knew no limits. And this is where the true nature of the Nearthlings shines forth. The most powerful and influential Nearthlings decided on a grand plan to take MORE to its pinnacle. Every little piece of Nearth was to be divided between the Nearthlings in proportion to their MORE score.

All the Nearths loved the idea. It was decided that a massive missile was needed to get the job done. On one fateful day the MORE missile was launched. It flew into outer space and returned at high speed. There was a big explosion and in a flash Nearth was divided so that each Nearthling could have a share of MORE happiness.

The Nearthlings did not want much, they wanted MORE. Sadly they eventually ended up with nothing, all alone on the skeleton of what used to be a sparkle in the eye of the universe.

This story may not be true, but it is real.

As long as we have a planet each and every little human being will also be an earthling.  

There are no more Nearthlings in the universe - only Lost Little Green Monsters

Follow your heart and do what you know to be true.

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