03 May 2011

Quotes from the Blog - April

At the end of our third month online Little Human Being has slowed down slightly. This shift is an attempt to focus more on quality than quantity.

Thanks to Kirsten a lone blogger now knows how to open a pic in photoshop, adjust levels and even export colourful jpegs on demand...

Last month I spent almost 3 weeks on a road trip along the East Coast of South Africa. Sun, surfing and diving, but am glad to be back in "the office" and looking forward to sharing some of my new inspiration.

April quotes from Little Human Being:

"take some time to acknowledge your intracellular relationship with the magical stars that make up our little universe."  - Little Leaf Mind Altering Interview

"let it be know that the past is behind you and anything that you can imagine can be brought into manifestation." - Monsterous Encounters - The Little Doubt Monster

"The truth is that you are more amazing than you could ever imagine and there is no need to ever doubt yourself." - Monsterous Encounters - The Little Doubt Monster

"No matter where you go, no matter what you do, AWESOMENESS will always be with you..." 
- Your Awesomeness

"Embrace forgiveness, release your anger, open your heart, awaken your love and share your magic with the world." - Monsterous Encounters - The Little Anger Monster

"over thousands of years we managed to live within the balance of nature." - Wild Life

"We have many great minds on our planet, maybe what humanity truly needs is a few more great hearts - just like yours..." - Little Tuesday Q&A - What is a Philosopher

"LHB: You are saying that life is a dance and nothing is impossible?
TLD: No, I am saying that life is a dance and anything is possible."
- Little Dancer Mind Altering Interview

"Fear is your ally, thank it for its message and then release it, for no matter what the situation you find yourself in it is never necessary to burden yourself with fear."
- Monsterous Encounters - The Little Fear Monster

"Sometimes all our planet needs is a little bit of love and some gratitude for her beauty." - Wind

Magic is Everywhere
"You are a divine being of light and love and there is absolutely no reason for you to restrain yourself with the man made limitations of physical manifestation.
Time is yours - all the time in the universe." - Little Tuesday Q&A - What is Time?

"Love is the highest vibration in existence. People who cannot understand love cannot understand magic. People who do not understand love do not understand the magic of the Crystal Kingdom"  
- The Crystal Pixie Mind Altering Interview
Live your life in the present.
If you do - life becomes a gift...

Embrace fun,  welcome enjoyment and share your creativity with the world." 
- Monsterous Encounters with the Little Monster of Un-Creativity


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