24 May 2011

Little Tuesday Q&A - What are we made of?

The Little Sage is back to answer another question on 

Little Tuesday Q&A
big questions for a little planet

Today's question is:                   
What are our bodies made from?

The Little Sage: Your body is a physical manifestation into which you incarnate. This physical matter is a substance most cosmically magical. Where is it made? Where does liquid and solid physical matter come from?

These building blocks of the physical are put together by the universe in super factories that build more complex little pieces of matter. We call these factories suns or stars.

Yes, it is true. Your body is made from matter that was forged by a star...

When a star explodes its star dust is spread across the universe and over time we human beings have become proficient at using this matter to grow our bodies.
 Yes, its true, we are all made of stars...

big questions for a little planet

The Little Sage has taken an oath to answer all questions presented to him to the best of his ability. A simple old man, his answers come from the heart

Please note that utmost care is taken to avoid logical, scientific and any other inferior means of interpreting or understanding reality.

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