25 April 2011

The Little Leaf Mind Altering Interview

*Please be warned that Mind Altering Interviews may endow readers with a totally new magical perception of reality

This morning our special guest on the Mind Altering Interview is:

A Little Leaf

Little Human Being - LHB: Greetings to our listeners and readers across the planet. Today we welcome the Little Leaf to the Little Human Being studios

The Little Leaf - TLL: Hello Everybody...

LHB: Little Leaf, what is it that makes a simple little leaf so interview worthy?

TLL: Well, that is simple, we leaves have an intracellular relationship with the stars.

LHB: Now I've heard it all. Are you trying to tell me that those simple green things that fall off trees every day are cosmically significant?

TLL: Yes

LHB: I have encountered of delusions of grandeur, but it is not often that pre-composted organic matter loses touch with its arboreal roots. Please explain...
 TLL: The closest star to our little planet is commonly know as the sun. This relatively small star releases huge amounts of energy every second of every day. Some people believe that the sun provides the energy for all life. This is true, but what they forget is that without us leaves this energy would only be good for tanning and making deserts like the Sahara and Kalahari.

LHB: How do you leaves do this?

TLL: Within our cells we convert the energy radiated by stars from light energy to a solid state. This energy forms the foundation of the food chain that maintains all life.

LHB: That is all good and well, leaves are interesting and can convert energy, but this is not a gardening blog - how do human beings fit into this picture?

TLL: Other than the fact that we sustain all humans beings that eat food, we have a more direct relationship with you guys and girls. Your every inhalation is maintained and balanced by the inhalation of the plant kingdom. The exhalation of each and every human being is balanced by the exhalation of each and every leaf in the plant kingdom.

LHB:  Are you trying to imply that we can breathe leaves?

TLL: Not quite. Human beings actually inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. We leaves form an interwoven relationship with humanity by inhaling your CO2 and exhaling oxygen...

LHB: ...and the energy that makes this relationship possible is provided by the stars circling us out there in the universe.

TLL: (smile... )

LHB: Who would have thought that each little human being is energetically united with the stars by the existence of a few simple leaves.


LHB: That is amazing. I see thousands of leaves every day, but not once have I stopped to witness the magic that was right before my eyes.
TLL: Stars, leaves, little human beings and life - all co-existing together.

LHB: Little leaf, before we compost you, how can we thank you for sharing your micro-wisdom with us today?

TLLPlant a tree and you will see :)

LHB: So, next time you notice a little leaf hanging on a tree take some time to acknowledge your intracellular relationship with the magical stars that make up our little universe.

We are all united...

Join us next week for another mind altering interview.

Love a leaf

 Plant a tree

Save our Planet -    today :)


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