03 April 2011

The Crystal Pixie Mind Altering Interview

This morning our special guest for the Sunday Interview on the ever popular Little Human Being Blog is:

Some Weird Little Pixie Thing

Little Human Being - LHB: Hi there Weird Little Pixie Thing

Some Weird Little Pixie Thing - SWLPT: Hi there

LHB: Apparently the janitor caught you in the crystal display cabinet, what were you doing amongst crystals?

SWLPT: We love crystals. Crystals are pure magic which has manifest into the physical dimension.

LHB: What do you do with the crystals, do you eat them?

SWLPT: Crystal's are very amazing. Each and every crystal is the source of a high vibrational cosmic white light energy.

LHB: Here at Little Human Being we like to remind people that they are amazing. Do crystals have the same amazingness inside them as people?

SWLPT: As a little crystal amazingness loving pixie my knowledge of human amazingness is rather limited. However, I do know that the healing energy of crystals can be used and shared by any living being. Crystals have a natural energy that can balance and rejuvenate, heal and protect.

LHB: Where do crystals come from?

SWLPT: When the time is right mother nature shares her magical creations for all to enjoy.

LHB: What do weird little pixies use crystals for?

SWLPT: We find crystals useful for inter-dimensional travel - each crystal has a door and if you have the crystal's permission you can use the door to access different states and levels of consciousness. We also use crystals to grid and ground high vibrational energy into our Pixie realms.

LHB: My cousin's friend uses a big crystal as a door-stopper. Do Pixies use crystals as door-stoppers?



SWLPT: (silence)

LHB: Before the interview you were explaining how Weird Little Pixies can talk to crystals. Could you share some communication advise with our readers?

SWLPT: Crystal consciousness exists on a relatively high vibration. To access this level you need to still the mind and open your heart. The mind resonates at a very low frequency and could never keep up with a crystal's consciousness, but if you open your heart you can unlock the magic of the mineral kingdom.

LHB: Love? You use love to communicate?

SWLPT: Love is the highest vibration in existence. People who cannot understand love cannot understand magic. People who do not understand love do not understand the magic of the Crystal Kingdom. It is through love that you match your resonance with that of a crystal thereby enabling communication.

LHB: All you need is love?

SWLPT: All you need is love...

LHB: Weird Little Pixie Thing, on behalf of Little Human Being and our thousands of readers worldwide I would like to thank you for sharing your geological micro-wisdom with us today.

SWLPT: (smile...)

Join us next week Sunday for another mind altering interview.


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