08 April 2011

Friday's Monsterous Encounter - The Little Fear Monster

This week on Friday's Monsterous Encounter we come up against the Little Monster of Fear.

The first thing that is glaringly evident is that there is no great evil monster pictured above. There is a very good reason for this - Fear is no ordinary monster.

Fear always hides within. Fear is so small it cannot be seen, but its influence in your life can be very large indeed.

Fear resists, fear opposes change, fear causes stagnation and decay in your life.

But today we are going to uncover the truth. The truth is that there is nothing in your life that is truly worth fearing.

Fear is actually your ally, fear is actually your friend. Fear was given to human beings as a measure of danger. Fear is the mind's way of interpreting the unknown and you need never give it more power than that.

Next time you encounter fear (large or small) take a deep breath and thank the fear for trying to help you on your journey. After giving it the due recognition, set it free. Now, with the information you have and the warning that the little fear monster gave you can make a choice.

Either you proceed or you change direction on your journey. Head held high, chest out and a smile in your heart.

Fear is your ally, thank it for its message and then release it, for no matter what the situation you find yourself in it is never necessary to burden yourself with fear.

With the truth at your side no little monster stands a chance.

Check-in next Friday 
for another  
monsterous encounter
ha ha ha ha ha (ominously evil laugh)


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