05 April 2011

Little Tuesday Q&A - What is Time?

The Little Sage is back to answer another question on 

Little Tuesday Q&A
big questions for a little planet

Today's question is:                   
What is TIME?

The Little Sage: Some may think that time is a magazine, some may think that time is an illusion and others worship time as it furthers their economic aspirations.

But who is right? Who is the winner of the time prize?

In my humble opinion everyone is right. Time is a magazine, an illusion and a means to burn out your adrenals.

At the time time was a pretty big invention. It was invented as a measuring device that ships could use to navigate the globe accurately.

So, unless you plan on circumnavigating our little planet you can free yourself from the constraints of time.

You are a divine being of light and love and there is absolutely no reason for you to restrain yourself with the man made limitations of physical manifestation.

Time is yours - all the time in the universe.

big questions for a little planet

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