15 April 2011

Friday's Monsterous Encounter - The Little Anger Monster

This week on Friday's Monsterous Encounter we come up against the Little Monster of Anger.

Anger is a fire breathing monster that we all have encountered.

Sharp long claws, many beeeeeg teeth and a rather nasty temperament.

Hidden behind the veils of false smiles and the inability to say "NO," we encounter this terrifying little beast.

What few people know is that the Little Anger Monster is a pack animal. Usually it takes the culmination of a few unforeseen incidents for this monster to awaken. Take a few little irritating incidents, add them together over an extended period of time, throw in yet another long queue at the bank with an incompetent bank teller and suddenly ***WHAM***

The little anger monster is on the scene - with all his friends

So, how do we rid ourselves of this menace? Anger is the opposite of peace, balance and harmony. If love strengthens the anger weakens.

Since anger is a pack animal it usually takes a mulit-faceted approach to defeat it. There are many recipes on sites across the internet for getting rid of the Little Anger Monster, below is a common and easy one:

Recipe for Peace and Happiness:

Next time you head to the mall for some retail therapy invest in the following:

A lifetime of happy days with friends and family
A smile for each day of the week
Enough forgiveness to embrace all of your memories
A slab of good chocolate at least once a week - NB
A warm hug for each special person in your life.
At least 3 doses of exercise a week.
A willingness to adapt and change,
and last, but not least, the ability to say "Thank YOU" from the heart..

With the following recipe you will discover that anger is not such a big monster. It is your inability to forgive yourself afterwards that is the real problem.

Embrace forgiveness, release your anger, open your heart, awaken your love and share your magic with the world.

With the truth at your side no little monster stands a chance.

Check-in next Friday 
for another  
monsterous encounter
ha ha ha ha ha (ominously evil laugh)


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