22 April 2011

Monsterous Encounters - The Little Doubt Monster

*Please note that some of the terrifying scenes in the post may be offensive to sensitive viewers.

Doubt is a monster most foul.

A fanged shaggy beast that preys on the insecurities of fun loving human beings the planet over.

The Little Doubt Monster waits until you are out of your comfort zone. This monster waits until you are engaged in a new project or are doing something that really really matters in your life and then it starts to share its doubt-filled vibes with you.

What if I fail?
What if I am not good enough?
What if I am too fat?
What if I am too skinny?
What if I am too good looking?
Maybe I am not as amazing as everybody thinks I am?

These are the types of questions that the Little Doubt Monster feeds upon daily as it runs wild in our streets...
The Little Monster of Doubt likes to remind you of past failures or fears and then uses your insecurities to limit your awesomeness.

But let it be know that the past is behind you and anything that you can imagine can be brought into manifestation. You are a child of the Universe and it will take a lot more than a Little Doubt Monster to stop you living your dreams.
So, next time you hear a little monster whispering words of doubt into your ear take a stand. Grab the little critter, place him on the ground, lift your foot and

The truth is that you are more amazing than you could ever imagine and there is no need to ever doubt yourself.

Doubt does not serve. Trust in yourself and let nothing stand in the way of your dreams.

With the truth at your side no little monster stands a chance.

This BLOG post was fully supervised by the SPCM (Society for the Prevention  of Cruelty to Monsters) and NO monsters were harmed during the drawing of any of these little pictures.

Thank you for sharing and showing support :)

Check-in next time
for another  
monsterous encounter
ha ha ha ha ha (ominously evil laugh)


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