26 August 2011

Extreme Jungle Survival...(explicit content)

Every now and then a lonely blogger has to do something to get the ratings up and the create a post with true viral potential...

After many years observing the human condition I have come to the conclusion that this little post is what the masses require for that super explosive potential.

This post with its hardcore guy attracting TITLE - Extreme Jungle Survival -  is just what any and every man out there will be looking to find and explore further in cyberspace. Just adding the word "extreme" warrants deeper investigation.

For the ladies we have a heroic, muscular jungle man - in a thong (PG 21) - hence the explicit warning

For any person who reads newspapers and watches the news, SURVIVAL and SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES are are something that each and every person may soon require in suburbia across our little planet.

And last but not least I have added a few beautiful little vector trees to appease those whose consciousness lends itself towards the appreciation of nature and her beauty.

Short and Schweet - a post for everyone...

Have a great weekend,

p.s. A thought goes out to those on the east coast of the US of A as Hurricane Irene approaches

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