31 August 2011

Month end Quotes on Little Human Being - AUGUST

As yet another exciting month on planet earth draws to a close the Little Human Being BLOG has been posting away while trying to keep up with the tidal wave of change that is sweeping across all spheres of existence.

While a few people wage war for power and resources, Mother Nature has been giving awesome displays of power that dwarf not only man, but his wayward behaviour too.

And as the world economy slowly disintegrates it is good to know that smiles, laughter, happiness, and good times with true friends and family are all things that exist outside of the financial markets... YAY :)

With more exciting changes awaiting each and every little human being we take time to look back at the quotes from the blog posts for the month of August...

Month End Quotes for August:

"SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES are are something that each and every person may soon require in suburbia across our little planet." - Extreme Jungle Survival

"...consciousness lends itself towards the appreciation of nature and her beauty" - Extreme Jungle Survival

"..this is a natural cycle that when embraced leads a person to their next inner destination." - Time in the Wilderness

"you are more amazing than you could ever imagine." - You are totally AMAZING

"Freedom is a concept created by man, necessitated by the fact that we subscribe to various forms of enslavement and captivity" - Freedom for all

"Open your heart, stay in the moment and let your destiny unfold before you…" - The economics of your ever unfolding destiny

"If history has anything worthwhile to teach humanity it is that despite all our self imposed greatness and perceptions of superiority we cannot, neither as individuals, nor as a species recall when and where we came from. How we came to exist on this little planet totally eludes us." - The true history of humanity

"Open your eyes...

Open your mind...

Open your heart..." - Open your mind

"As human beings we have access to her guidance whenever we may need" - Forgiveness
"Behind the pages of the Little Human Being blog lies a veritable maze of ever-exploding newness. Just as the seasons wax and wane across the months of each and every year, Little Human Being goes through its own cycles of post and postless-ness" - To cat or not to cat?

As spring awaits those inhabiting the Southern half of the planet and our brothers and sisters in the north embrace Autumn, the Little Human Being Blog would like to say "THANK YOU" for your support...

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