23 January 2012

Cloe Bowie Illustration

This illustration was drawn for "My kind of Rainbow" - a fashion blog featuring Cloe Bowie and Mark Clark. I was asked to take one of my little characters and dress her in one of Cloe's outfits. While I could not exactly duplicate the outfit (called Sasha) perfectly, I did manage to find a little human being worthy of a paparazzi following... :)

I found a few interesting facts on My kind of Rainbow - 10 to be exact:

10 Facts About * You *
  • #1, You are.. one of a kind.
  • #2, You are.. loved by at least one person; I love everybody!
  • #3, You are.. important.
  • #4, You are.. talented, in some way.
  • #5, You are.. capable of anything.
  • #6, You are.. the *owner* of something.
  • #7, You are.. not just anyone.
  • #8, You are.. someone.
  • #9, You are.. alive and breathing.
  • #10, You are.. beautiful, and don't you ever forget it

You can visit MY KIND OF RAINBOW here...


  1. Oh Wow! :) It's cool!! I like it!:) Cloe is such a sweet gal! :) And I agree with all 10 facts you discovered at MY Kind Of Rainbow :) Thumbs up! :)Blessed day! :)

  2. very intersting facts indeed :)

  3. Aww, I just want to reach into the screen and hug it, LOL; it's everything I hoped it'd be and even more. Thank you, darling -- thank you! (:

  4. I must say that this little designer outfit does leave almost all my previous pictures wanting in terms of their fashion sense... ;)

  5. Reine, I really hope you liked the poem I wrote dedicated to your site. :) When you get the chance, please, tell me your opinions on it; it'd mean a lot to me! Take care, darling.

  6. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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