25 January 2012

Rhythm and Dance

Inside each and every human being we find a beating heart. The tribal drum maintains its rhythm. Since the beginning of time we have found expression in dance. Some dance in their cars, some dance in the kitchen while some head forth and find a dance-floor....

No matter when, where or how you do it, every now and then there comes a time when you should
find your rhythm and dance



  1. Haha, so cute -- but true! (: Agreed, indeed.

  2. yepppppppppppp ! i'm dancing with Mary Poppins every day <3 thenk you for that message :))))

  3. They say the degree to which you comfortable dancing, is the degree to which you are comfortable with yourself. Of course, there is also the spiritual dance that we all participate in. I don't think it is as organised as a waltz anymore... :p


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