12 January 2012

Ice Cream Bun

A few days ago I met a fellow blogger on BLOGGERS.com

Ice Cream Bun's Interesting Junk is exactly what the name says. What made this encounter most interesting is that Ice Cream Bun is the first person ever to ask for a commissioned drawing from Little Human Being and the resulting picture is proudly displayed above...

Happy Blogging Amanda - keep up the good work :)

You can visit Ice Cream Bun and her BLOG here....


  1. really cool") i love the graphics.. how do you make them?..
    could you possibly make one for me?:) it would be great?


  2. Cheers :) I use adobe illustrator

    I will get hold of you through BLOGGERS

  3. IceCreamBun lead me to your blog! (: She was right; this place really is great -- and inspirational, as she also stated. <3


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