31 January 2012

End of the Month Quotes

January has come to an end as humanity finds itself rocketed into 2012. This is an exciting year with all the misunderstood Mayan information circulating around. While some focus on the END there are those that know that THIS is only the beginning :)

Quotes from Little Human Being posts in January:

"Your time here may be limited, but the light you shine lasts forever :)" - Magical Sunshine Monday

"Since the beginning of time we have found expression in dance" - Rhythm and Dance

"#5, You are.. capable of anything" - Cloe Bowie Illustration

"There is an art to living a good life and it lies in the heart..." - Heart Art

"I am free...
Free to go, free to do whatever I wish.
I was born free and shall live my entire life free from any form of enslavement.
My mind is free, my body is free...
I am free..." - I am free

"While the mind simply breaks anything down into the parts of its sum, the heart unifies everything into something greater than the sum of its parts." - Life is Sacred

"Life is sacred... and the sacred in life is waiting for you :)" - Life is Sacred

"Ever noticed how life has a way of always bringing love into your world? Life is magical and love is everywhere." - Love is Everywhere

"Where are we going? When will we get there? If nobody has any answers it may be time to forget about destinations and enjoy the ride." - Happy Merry Amazing 2012

February is going to be a great month. I have been working on illustrations of angels and magical little beings like pixies and fairies. While this has been good fun, I have also returned to my mountain top retreat to finish off a few of my short stories - after 5+ years of procrastination I have given myself permission to release my innermost creativity...

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