22 July 2011

Monsterous Encounters - The Little Failure Monster

*Please note that some of the monsterous scenes in the post may be offensive to sensitive viewers.

Failure always leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth.

A nasty, horned little critter, the failure monster is always waiting to feed on people's success.

Sometimes you are aware of the fact that the little failure monster is following you, but more often that not this monster is silently stalking you in the shadows, waiting to appear without warning and steal your dreams and success.
Despite all the fear based hype surrounding this adversary, failure is actually an awesome adversary. While many have encountered the failure monster and come off second best there are many more little human beings just like yourself who have gone the distance and ended up at a place called...


The failure monster enters your life to strengthen you. Once conquered this monster gifts learning, wisdom and fortitude. It is only those that avoid challenges, growth, betterment that never see the possibility of failure before them.

The greater the challenges you engage, the larger the failure monster becomes. The larger the possibility of failure that you conquer, the greater your reward.

You can accomplish more than you can ever dream. Know this, and when you next see the failure monster know that this little monster is simply a sign that you are aspiring to ever increasing heights.

With the truth at your side no little monster stands a chance.

This BLOG post was fully supervised by the SPCM (Society for the Prevention  of Cruelty to Monsters) and NO monsters were harmed during the creation of any of these little pictures.

Thank you for sharing and showing support :)

Check-in next time
for another  
monsterous encounter
ha ha ha ha ha (ominously evil laugh)


  1. Ohh.. this is just so cute! Love the illustrations! The message is so real, too. :)


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