31 July 2011

Month End Quotes - July

As a newling to the world of writing and illustrating it is an interesting experience to go through the ups and downs of learning and slowly improving. I do not feel that my confidence has grown much, but it is a wonderful experience to doubt less.

As of today Little Human Being has 92 facebook supporters. Eight more and we are into triple digits. whoop whoop... :)

The good news is that before the end of the year Little Human Being will be well into the quadruple digit range - yes - over 1001 facebook "likers"

July Quotes from the Little Human Being BLOG:

"with time revelations reveal themselves."
- Beyond the Mind

"the day a man stops dreaming ..., what is he living for?."
- Death Conceptualized
The Little Failure Monster finds a victim

"aspiring to ever increasing heights"
- Monsterous Encounters - The Little Failure Monster

"For the uninitiated, for the unexposed, Monsterous Encounters is where human beings get to encounter some of the most fearsome beasts and monsters up close and personal without endangering their current incarnation status."
- New Monsterous Encounter - Coming Friday

"It is time to see...
It is time to think...
It is time to love..."  
- Time to Love
The Divine Bliss Angel
"...your true bliss lies within. Find and follow it. "
- Divine Bliss

"Some say they fear death, interestingly, it is our eternity that truly terrifies."
- Eternal Life

"Hope is magical. It has the ability to infuse the light of manifestation into a dream."  
- Hope is Magical

"Dare to dream, dare to share your hope with others..."
- Hope is Magical
The Sky is the limit... or not

"with an open heart and the power of your dreams you can achieve anything and go anywhere."
- Time to fly even higher :)

"I believe that we all have to ability to fly, the ability to soar beyond our wildest dreams."
- Time to Fly

On that note we welcome in the month of August and all the magic it shall bring...

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