09 July 2011

Quotes from the Blog - June

Thanks to fatal hardware failure June suffered from a heavy spell of postlessness. To add to the lack of posts this has been a time for concentrating on the quality of the pictures on the blog. My sketching has improved and photoshop is delivering great results, but today I started online Adobe Illustrator training. This should take about a month, after which there should be some interesting vector graphics appearing on the site...

June also saw the launch of LittleHumanBeing.com
Based on content from the Little Human Being Blog, this is where posts and stories are polished, edited, extra pictures are added and then uploaded- Check it out!!!

As for quotes, there was only one real post in June - The Little Stubbornness Monster

" Flexibility... when applied to life it facilitates the FLOW of abundance and newness that all deserve."

"As life cascades through your reality do not let stubbornness disconnect you from its magic and abundance."

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