24 February 2011

About the Little Human Being Blog

Here follows a little bit about the Little Human Being Blog...

Reine Ackermann has been writing short stories for a few years. This blog is is the home of micro stories filled with what he has come to call micro-wisdom. Micro-wisdom is the wisdom inherent in each and every human being. Each and every person has the ability to reach within and access this wisdom. Still latent in society as a whole, it is accessible to any human who desires or needs it.

Currently humanity stands divided. We divide ourselves by almost any means possible. We use race to divide, we use colour to divide, we use nationality to divide, we use politics to divide, we even use opinions to divide.

Little Human Being and this here blog are here to remind people that we may be divided by external forces, but within ourselves we shall always be united - by our humanity.

It is our humanity that gives us love, it is our humanity that gives us courage and it is our humanity that will set us free...

We are all simply human beings making our way through this little experience we have come to call   LIFE.

Little Human Being
awakening our humanity

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