11 February 2011

The Little Sage

Where have all the wise old sages gone?
Where are the wise leaders who can teach and lead from the heart?
Are there any wisdom keepers who can lead humanity into happiness?

Maybe we should all follow politicians? Great orators who have dedicated their lives to serving their country, maintaining world peace and spreading joy in the world.
Maybe the great corporate machines have our best interests at heart. Creating products aimed at ending suffering, housing the poor and uplifting all of mankind. Surely their great power is not only aimed at maximizing profit?
Maybe we can find these great sages in books? Maybe they have receded into cyberspace? Maybe they have returned to their mountain retreats high in the Himalayas, deep in the jungles far far away.

Where do you find your wisdom?
Where do you find your truth?

Does it come form a book?
Does it come from another person?


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