04 February 2011

The Web of Life

As the weekend approaches and we get ready to take a break from work and its responsibilities, a little spider has come to share his little bit of wisdom with us...

The web of life is the interconnectedness of all in existence. Just like a spider's web which is made up of many individual strands. Individually useless,  but together they form a functional, beautiful unit. Remove, harm or break even one strand and the web begins to lose functionality.

If we damage or destroy many aspects of our little web of life we may end up with a web that no longer serves us as human beings.

Spiders have the ability to weave new webs when needed, but despite this gift they tend and care for their creation with care, attention and love.



  1. We have quite a few spiders on our veranda. Before, I thought I should be scared of them, like humans usually do. But then I noticed that they were respectful of my space. They would only come at night and by the morning there would be not a trace of their webs on our deck. They would create their webs in the corners, where they are not in the way, giving us enough space to move undisturbed. So, I got to respect them for "respecting" me. And then one day they offered me more gifts. That day I was busy sulking in the corner, blaming others and playing victim, when I looked at the spider, meticulously weaving his intricate web and it dawned on me that we create, weave our own reality in the same way. With patience, precision and perseverance. We are at the heart of our reality and when we put all the effort into nurturing our craft, we get the results, like a spider gets insects.
    Well, it started as a thought and ended as a story. Thank you, Reine! Now I am going to write it down and take the photos :-)))

  2. :)

    With the right lens spiders, frogs and flowers are great fun to shoot.


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