21 February 2011

The Great Chicken Farmer

Once upon a time in a land far far and away there lived a great chicken farmer. The great chicken farmer was a man dedicated to love. Love is what inspired the chicken farmer, love is what got him out of bed every morning.
"I love money."
"I love my cars."
"I love profit margins."
"I love more profits."
Like a true follower of the highest teachings the chicken farmer knew only love.

The great chicken farmer used a secret technique to maximize his profits.  Every evening before bed he would imagine himself driving only the biggest fastest cars. Every day upon waking the great chicken farmer would see, feel and simply know that his chicken empire was getting bigger and better, better and bigger.

As you think, so it shall be. The great chicken farmer's love and greatness grew and grew. Money, profits, cars and more chickens were the order of the day.

The chickens had it tough. There were no luxuries. No medical, no retirement fund, no company cars and the housing scheme was reminiscent of an overcrowded P.O.W. camp.

The great chicken farmer did not care about chickens. Since he was a young man the he had nurtured only love and greatness.
"I love to keep costs down."
"I love expanding my operation."
"I love power."
"I love greatness."
"Love, love , love..."

Over bred and under fed, the chickens had it tough.


Truth is always far more cruel than fiction. 

People like the great chicken farmer seldom change.

They can, but they don't...


  1. This is what I term a "heavy" post. Beauty is beautiful, but one cannot ignore the current state of our humanity.

  2. Was soooo hoping Great Chicken Farmer was going to learn a lesson... its my "happily ever after" syndrome I guess. Some do learn..

  3. People generally subscribe to "happily ever after". Notice how unpleasant an experience it is when it is not fulfilled. The story ends and something is missing. You know it is, I know it is, anyone does.

    I tried to use this void as a space for planting the seed of choice. Choice for better, choice for good, choice for humanity.


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