08 February 2011

The Love Bug

The LOVE BUG - (pronounced LURVE ) is that warm fuzzy feeling that bubbles up from within the man, woman, boy or girl that it has bitten.

The rather elusive Love Bug is not to be found in shopping malls, its does not frequent the night clubs where so many go in search of it. The Love Bug has no affiliation with food, alcohol or mind altering substances. Even Mother Nature with her abundance of life is not the source of the Love Bug's magic.

The Love Bug resides in the one place where Humanity has forgotten to look. That place within where infinity finds a home. That place within where Source finds its source...

The HEART of every single human being.

If you are searching for the Love Bug, let it be known that the Love Bug is searching for you. Take the time to search. Not in the past, not in the future, but right here, right now, for

the Love Bug is waiting for YOU

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