14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Love is that special resonance, that special feeling that resides within all. Today is a day dedicated to sharing and expressing that feeling.

We have decided to let actions speak louder than words. We will be uploading 4 or 5 Valentines Day pictures onto this here blog today.

We invite you to take part in the following:
Step 1: Download any of todays valentines pictures onto your desktop.
Step 2: Upload the picture to your facebook photo album
Step 3: Tag your valentine in the picture.
Step 4: Write a message in the comment box below the picture.
Step 5: Post your LOVE for all to see.

There are different pictures on the way - In the pic above you could tag anybody you know simply to share the day with them.

In others you could tag that one special person in your life. Friends, family, anyone, everyone...

The idea is that your Valentine, friends or loved ones will be unsuspectingly checking out their profile when suddenly they will notice that they have been tagged in a new picture. Curiosity will take over...
They follow the link and within a millisecond your gesture of love has made its way across cyberspace and all the way to that special little human being in your life.

If this picture at the top of the page is not for you, simply scroll up or down a page or 2 and you will surely find one that does.

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